nGrinder 3.1.1 released

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nGrinder 3.1.1 released

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nGrinder 3.1.1 Release Note

We proudly release nGrinder 3.1.1 to speed up the test execution and enhance the usability. With some bug fix, the following improvements are included. To upgrade to this version, you should delete the current version first and install this. In addition, you should delete the previous ${NGRINDER_HOME}/process_and_thread_policy.js in advance to experience the better process and thread calculation introduced by nGrinder 3.1.1.

1. Release Info

  • Version : 3.1.1
  • Release Date : 2013.01.31

2. Changes


  • Speed up the test execution. Now all tests will take 5 seconds to execute a test.
  • Embed jython 2.5.3 and json.jar as the default libraries.
  • Make the agent take less memory. now agent processes need 50MB at minimum
  • Shows the response byte per second and mean time to first byte in the test running panel.
  • Change the default QnA site into nabble not github.
  • Change Process and Thread calculation logic more stable to support more than 300 users. Please delete the previous ${NGRINDER_HOME}/process_and_thread_policy.js in advance.


  • Bugs Fix
    • NGRINDER-482 - Add grinder.processes and grinder.threads as properties during script validation
    • NGRINDER-488 - Add a error message when there are no sampling was performed.
    • NGRINDER-496 - Make user not to be able to change the underlying SecurityManager 
    • NGRINDER-497 - Make the current pc IP resolution more stable
    • NGRINDER-498 - Make security mode work
    • NGRINDER-504 - Show script initialize error in log
    • NGRINDER-505 - Test Comment should not be cloned
    • NGRINDER-506 - Block duplicated validation
  • Improvement
    • NGRINDER-478 - Distribute the un-predefined resources (e.g images) 
    • NGRINDER-479 - Speed up nGrinder performance reducing distribution cost (4~6sec)
                                - Add json.jar library as default lib as well.
    • NGRINDER-480 - Make each perftest folder distributed in several folders
    • NGRINDER-481 - Move the question mark in logs to just right of log title
    • NGRINDER-483 - Make nabble as a QnA Site
    • NGRINDER-484 - Resolve locale cookie conflict issue 
    • NGRINDER-485 - Add cacheManager be accessible  from the script console 
    • NGRINDER-489 - Add control.followRedirects and to control.timeout in the basic template script
    • NGRINDER-490 - Make all external links opened in the separate window
    • NGRINDER-491 - Make the minimum Xms smaller to support more processes.
    • NGRINDER-492 - Make sure the script is saved when user leave the script editor without save.
    • NGRINDER-494 - Increase the default vuser count to 300
    • NGRINDER-495 - Modify the process and thread policy to support 1000 vusers
    • NGRINDER-499 - Include jython-2.5.3.jar as default lib
    • NGRINDER-500 - Modify test termination condition as half of test failures for last 10 sec
    • NGRINDER-502 - Add the mean time to first byte and response byte per second.
    • NGRINDER-503 - Make ngrinder supports more than 2 billion test 

3. OS, DBMS supports

  • Linux, Windows, Mac OSX is supported.
  • Supports CUBRID, H2 as DB. The default DBMS is H2.

4. Requirements

  • Be required over Oracle JDK 1.6 version.
  • Tomcat 6.X later in advance.


6. References