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Future of nGrinder


Dear nGrinder developers.

Last week I did some research on the commercialization possibility on nGrinder over cloud env.

The most famous performance test tool "Performance Center" provide Saas version.. 


which costs a lots.


And In Heroku, there is the performance test tool named "Blitz", it cost 800$  for 1000 concurrent users.


This has much lower feature than ours.

In AWS, there are several cloud based test providers.


I believe that nGrinder has much more features than them.

All the cloud vendor doesn't charge costs on the in-bound network traffic. So if we choose current region selection feature,

we can run our instance without paying money to the cloud for the network traffic. We can just need to pay the HW costs.

Next year, we can be the most named load test provide in the Cloud.


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/ Senior Engineer

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Re: Future of nGrinder

It's great news,I can use these tools' information in my article for promotion. :)
nGrinder can be an amazing product to both individual or company.