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Subject: How to test jnlp

This introduced how to test nGrinder_agent or nGrinder_recorder web start. 
because JNLP Implementation of nGrinder agent is similar with nGrinder recorder's.
so this post will demonstrate nGrinder_agent
Firstly to create folder named ngrinder_agent that contained all JNLP related resources will be located under Tomcat webapp.
in this case,ngrinder_agent hierachy is
   lib folder  contained all jar files
   lib.jnlp    extension jnlp file
   nGrinder_Agent.jnlp main jnlp file
   ngrinder-core-3.1.3.jar  main jar file
please sign all jar files before running it.
web.xml will be edited for this 
after web service is starting,we will get nGrinder_Agent.jnlp through this
because nGrinder agent is backend programme,you'b better open java console to observe its output .
nGrinder_Agent.jnlp and lib.jnlp is attached 

nGrinder_Agent.jnlp (591 bytes) Download Attachment
lib.jnlp (1K) Download Attachment